We have been made aware of chow chow puppy adverts appearing on various puppy sales website where claims are being made that the puppies are colours that are not recognised by the Kennel Club. Colours such as chocolate, lilac or sable do not appear in the Chow Chow breed standard and will be listed as non-standard colours by the Kennel Club when being registered.

Not only are such colours HIGHLY undesirable, there is likely to be additional genetic health issues when dilute colours are mated together to produce these undesirable colours.

Additionally, we are aware that in some cases, claims that puppies are DNA tested to see if they carry the genes for non-standard colours may be fraudulent. We have been made aware of puppy buyers being asked for exorbitant prices for non-standard coloured puppies that possibly do not exist or are not as the seller advertised.

The Chow Chow Breed Council has had extensive discussion with the Kennel Club which included other dog breeds that have been plagued by disreputable breeders producing non-standard colours that have caused health problems in their respective breeds. The Kennel Club are well aware of the problems and are working with the breeds affected, sadly the public seem to be easily charmed by a cute looking puppy whatever its colour and many will pay more for a colour they believe to be rare rather than undesirable.

Breed Council Officers had a number of meetings at various venues during 2017/18/19 to work on the problem of non-standard colours and to offer ideas of how best to proceed. The Kennel Club agreed not to register colours or coat patterns such as Blue Merle because it does not occur naturally in the breed and carries the risk of blindness and deafness with the colour. However, for the public to stop being duped by irresponsible breeders they would need to have researched the breed through breed dedicated sites or going to shows and meeting breeders etc. Sadly, many buyers donít look further than on-line pet sales sites.

To make things clear please be aware of the following :
-Responsible breeders seldom take deposits or if they do it is a nominal sum,
-Responsible breeders do not take deposits on litters that they expect to have in the future,
-Responsible breeders do not breed unrecognised or undesirable colours,
-Responsible breeders do provide a Kennel Club registration certificate, contract of sale, puppy pack including diet sheet and a supply of food,
-Responsible breeders microchip and have their puppies vet checked before they go to new homes,
-The Kennel Club is the only recognised registration board,
-Responsible breeders generally charge between £1,700 and £2,200 maximum for their puppies,
-The Breed Council recommends that the parents of the puppy should have proof of KC/BVA testing for hips, elbows and eyes and have been health assessed through the Chow Chow Breed Council Bronze Health Scheme assessment of their general health.

Should you require any further advice please contact the Breed Council Health Officer or the Breed Council Secretary

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